VU master



VuMaster is a manual 2D vision system with a massive difference.

Due to newly patented Colourmap scale system, the VuMaster does not have a conventional stage or encoders - just a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. The result is fast, accurate, 'non contact' measurement over a much larger measuring range - 400mm x 30mm to be exact!

Because the camera moves and the part stays still, there is often no need for expensive  and time consuming work holding devices.

Although VuMaster is manually operated, inspection routines can be recorded and stored. When played back, these 'program' guide the operator though a pre-defined inspection procedure recreating the same lighting condition and using 'Video Edge Detection' to automatically 'capture' feature data.

Finally, a report is generated in the form of a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part.

·         Large 400mm x 300mm measuring range

·         Patented measuring technology

·         Teach and repeat part programming

·         Video edge detection

·         Digital zoom

·         Fully integrated system - everything is included: built-in PC, 19" flat screen monitor and printer

·         Programmable segmented LED lighting system

·         Motorised autofocus

·         Image grab


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