1250 Profile Grinders



The Model 1250 PunchMaster is an extremely rigid production grinder for grinding round, non-round, standard and non-standard OD shapes and contours. The machine's motion is computer controlled so there is no need to use master cams.

The Model 1250 is capable of meeting the most demanding grinding applications and is shipped with a complete library of software for grinding standard punch shapes. In addition, the software is user friendly and it is easy to program custom punches.

The Model 1250 PunchMaster features all of the improvements Unison has made since the original launch of our Model 1000 Punch Grinder but now incorporates our latest Version 7 tool grinding software utilizing the Windows™ operating system. Our proprietary "Geometral™" software allows the operator to quickly customize and/or modify tool geometry which is displayed in three dimensions (3D) on the machine's high resolution, color, flat panel monitor. The operator's control station is now incorporated in the machine's enclosure significantly reducing the footprint of the Model 1250 and giving it a streamlined look. All Model 1250's are equipped with Yaskawa AC Digital Servo Motors & Drive Amplifiers and the Computer Control is capable of storing up to 10,000 different part programs.

The improvements incorporated in the new Model 1250 result in remarkable faster cycle times from part-to-part and greater machine reliability. Our Marketing Department can provide answers to any questions you may have and/or provide you with a detailed proposal upon your request

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